Saturday, 30 May 2009

New dress

From Ladybird House - the quality is fantastic, and its such a pretty dress. It's Mei's favourite, but I've told her its for special occasions - luckily its John and my first wedding anniversary tomorrow, so I think that counts!
Ruth loves Mei. She's a bit obsessed too I think ;) Today she put on her dress which is most like Mei's stock dress, got me to do her hair like I'd done Mei's and so I just had to take these photos. Their hair is exactly the same colour at the moment - in these photos you can hardly tell where Mei's hair stops and Ruth's starts. They look like twins (but Ruth is a little bit bigger LOL).
Such pretty girls :)

Friday, 29 May 2009


The first out of the box photo - Mei is such a pretty girl - so easy to fall in love with. She had a bit of a case of 'box hair' so I had to wash her hair - so scary! Was paranoid about getting water inside her head, so she was very well wrapped up - masking tape, towel etc. We took this photo as she looked so funny soaking in the fabric conditioner!
When I first un-boxed her Pilchard was rubbing his head against her - something he only does with people he likes. But when I was taking photos of her in the garden, they weren't at all sure of each other - probably a good thing as he has a nasty habit of chewing toys - especially limbs of dolls.
Mei loves flowers, and picked this Viola for me. So pretty!
Of course I had to put it in her hair as I think it brings out the colour of her eye(chip)s! Speaking of which, I have lavender and turquoise eye chips to swap for the pink and orange ones at some point when I'm feeling brave.
These are some of the new clothes I ordered, which arrived the same day Mei did. Photos aren't great as I was in a hurry in the middle of making tea. T-shirt and hoody from Blythestation (Etsy), Converse and skirt from Miss Blythe. Took me ages to work out how to get the hoody on - it goes on upwards like a dress! She has a bit too much hair for it really, but this outfit is really intended for her sister Haru (the BWT I haven't even ordered yet, but already have a name for!).

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

They're here!!!!

My new obsession - Blythe. -sigh- I'm kinda in love :)

And my 2 petites and my neo all arrived together today! So happy :) I had gone to the post office to pick up the parcels I'd missed yesterday, and the postman said 'I think we have a Special Delivery for you, disappeared for a few minute, and came back with another 2 parcels, one of which I could tell from the sender was the one I was most looking forward to, and wasn't expecting for a few more days.
This is Yuki, named after the white cat in the Studio Ghibli film The Cat Returns. Her name means snow and also happiness and good fortune. She is a Takara Petite Blythe Sewing My Way. Just love the teeny dress from and pin cushion.

This is Sakura. She is a Petite Blythe Carousel Lucy. Love her hair. She is so Japanese looking, just had to give her the most Japanese name we know. It means Cherry Blossom :)
Ans this..... I LOVE this doll so much. Never thought I'd be able to afford a Neo Blythe, but after much research (and I mean HOURS. And hours. And then some more. In fact I've not done much else for weeks!), I chose Primadolly Winsome Willow (thanks Martha for the advice :) ).
She came from a lovely Ebay seller in Hong Kong in her original Takara shipper - another thing that made me smile.
She is beautiful. We have named her Mei after the character in My Neighbour Totoro. It is Japanese for 'dance' and Vietnamese for 'golden flower.' Perfect for her. And also she came in May! Her hair is the same colour as mine and Ruth's.

I also had a package from Miss Blythe, with new eyechips for Mei, some clothes and the cutest re-ment cat. And as I've been typing, I've had ANOTHER parcel arrive with a cute t-shirt and hoody from Blythestation. I am so happy today :) :) :)

Haven't taken any of my girls out of their boxes yet - kind of scared too! Sure that won't last long.

More photos coming VERY soon I'm sure :)

Have a happy Blythe day (I have now decided that the 27th May each year should be Blythe day, as that's when my girls all have their birthday :) )