Friday, 29 May 2009


The first out of the box photo - Mei is such a pretty girl - so easy to fall in love with. She had a bit of a case of 'box hair' so I had to wash her hair - so scary! Was paranoid about getting water inside her head, so she was very well wrapped up - masking tape, towel etc. We took this photo as she looked so funny soaking in the fabric conditioner!
When I first un-boxed her Pilchard was rubbing his head against her - something he only does with people he likes. But when I was taking photos of her in the garden, they weren't at all sure of each other - probably a good thing as he has a nasty habit of chewing toys - especially limbs of dolls.
Mei loves flowers, and picked this Viola for me. So pretty!
Of course I had to put it in her hair as I think it brings out the colour of her eye(chip)s! Speaking of which, I have lavender and turquoise eye chips to swap for the pink and orange ones at some point when I'm feeling brave.
These are some of the new clothes I ordered, which arrived the same day Mei did. Photos aren't great as I was in a hurry in the middle of making tea. T-shirt and hoody from Blythestation (Etsy), Converse and skirt from Miss Blythe. Took me ages to work out how to get the hoody on - it goes on upwards like a dress! She has a bit too much hair for it really, but this outfit is really intended for her sister Haru (the BWT I haven't even ordered yet, but already have a name for!).

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