Thursday, 29 October 2009

Yep, a few more Cakes have joined the family :) First was Lilo, my 2nd Angel Cake (on the right). She and Lola are twins - they have twin dresses.
Then a couple of days ago Sapphire (Blueberry Muffin), Ruby (Strawberry Shortcake) and Rose Quartz (Raspberry Tart) arrived. They are still naked :D Must make them some clothes! I now have 5 Blythes, 5 Vintage SSCs and 1 Dal :) There are a few Blythes which have been announced in the past few days/weeks which I'd like - and 4 or 5 Dals too. But my dolly family is pretty much complete. He he - famous last words!
And finally - Cakes in a Cake Stand! :D Popped them in here as I was using the box they were on for photos of Hana, and then noticed what I'd done, so had to take a photo :)

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