Saturday, 13 June 2009

First trip

On Thursday, the long awaited parcel arrived! And I jumped around the house like a crazy person shouting 'she came she came she came' with the cat giving me That Look he has of telling you he thinks you're totally insane :) Mei thought it might be a present for her (she's been getting a lot of them recently). And in a way it was - a sister for her!
This is Mei and Satski meeting for the first time. I had 2 assignments to finish and hand in for Friday, so was really good, and didn't get her out of the box until I got back from handing them in.

Once she was out and had her hair washed, the fun really began. The weather was beautiful today, and we needed to let off some steam after a long-running thing with utility suppliers (aka the b******s) came to a head, so we went for a walk on the Malvern Hills.

Satski and Mei got some beautiful hats in the post today from Sandy Byrne, so she just had to show her's off (and it saved her hair from the wind). We stopped for a few photo ops on the way up and down. This is Satski wondering if she can do a bit of prospectin'.
Satski amid the ferns which look like trees next to her.
On top of the trig point on the top of the Worcestershire Beacon - highest point for a loooonnnngggg way!
This is probably my favourite photo from today - tweaked the levels a little, and her eyes are so vibrant.
Love my new girl (but will always love Mei of course - she gets jealous!).

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  1. She is such a gorgeous girl!! Love your pictures :)