Thursday, 25 June 2009


So, I saw on PP that Donna was selling a stock Disco Boogie. DB was on my list of dream girls. I had seen a few gorgeous ones on Flickr with hair cuts which made them look like me (even John said so). I talked to my Mum, and she and my Dad said they would buy her for me as a very early (like 6 months early!) birthday and Christmas present. And yesterday she arrived! This was her hair after a spa treatment :D
Beautiful, but just not me. So I decided to cut it myself. My sister had warned me that a graduated bob was a very difficult cut, but me being impatient decided to try it myself. Well that was one of the hardest and most stressful think I've ever done - I will NEVER be cutting Blythe hair again LOL. After hours and hours of cutting. drying, trying to straighten etc this was the result-
Yay, a mini-me! John said its funny how much she looks like me :)

We are going to my cousin's wedding on Saturday (I'm doing the reception photography), and may have to take her along.

I feel kinda guilty that she is my favourite when she only just arrived, but...... can't help it! I love the contemplative look of the EBL. Reminds me of me :)

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  1. EBLs do have lovely faces. ^^ Hehe, the hair looks awesome, despite stress! I've only cut doll hair once, and it was very stressful, because, well it can't grow back! D: I was also quite ill and feverish at the time, hehehe... interesting memory. ;)