Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Family Portraits and new customs

Sakura got new lipstick - this was soooo hard! Had to wipe it off and start again about 3 times, but am happy now. Tried to change a pair of her sidefacing eyechips, but got a glob of melted hot glue on my finger - ouch ouch ouch! It took most of the afternoon to change one pair of Hana's chips - she's EBL, so they're glued round the post. Got one out, and the other just wouldn't budge! Was about to put the other one back, when the second one finally came out. So she now has purple instead of orange ones. Tomorrow will be pink to turquoise eyechip changes.
Some more new clothes have arrived in the past few days, so we got a lovely family portrait of the girls in their pretty dresses. The first FP since Hana arrived. They look so cute together.

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