Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Mei on the hills, and new chippies

Have to admit, I'd been neglecting Mei recently - she'd been standing at the back of my doll shelf, with her hair hanging over her beautiful face. I'd even considered selling her!!!!! So I decided I needed to do more with her. I dressed her in jeans and a t-shirt, and put her hair in a ponytail - straight away you could see her beautiful face, and I remembered why I love her so much. She was my first Neo Blythe, and she'll always have a special place in my life. I had some difficult moments the first few weeks she was here, and stroking her hair and playing with her kept me calm and helped me through.

The next day was a rare for at the moment dry day, so Ruth, Alex and I took Mei for a walk on the hills. We went to one of my favourite places, Earnslaw Quarry, and had fun taking lots photos. Cue me loving Mei even more.
I decided I just needed to spend more time doing stuff with her, and remembered how changing her 1st pairs of eye chips had really made us bond. I'd gone off those chips now anyway, so carefully chose some new ones for her. They arrived today, so a trip to the dolly spa was in order. I decided to try changing Sakura's side facing milky pink ones at the same time. I used the glue stick method, and for once both pairs came out on the first attempt. Very pleased :) Mei got some pretty and subtle lilac Brainworm chips, and Sakura got some gorgeous teal Brainworm ones which match her eye makeup.
Pretty sisters :)
Mei's lilac chips.
Sakura's teal ones.

One piece of bad news today though - Satsuki (my perfect wouldn't change a hair/eyechip on her head BWT) has chipped lipstick. So gutted. Better photos on Flickr. Trouble is that now I've noticed it, its all I can see when I look at her. But the terrible leg stains she had from some evil tights have completely disappeared with no treatment at all! Its taken a month, but she's gone from looking like the victim of some awful domestic violence incident to being almost pristine :)

I got some new lens attachments for my 50mm lens, hence the overload of macro photos - love this lens, and love macro photography, and now I an combine the 2!

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