Thursday, 17 September 2009

(Another) new addition!

My Punkaholic People Blythe, Kiki :D I entered the lottery on Junie Moon, and pre-ordered through HLJ, and both fell through, but the wonderful Rebecca stepped in and sold me her spare one! (Thank you!!!)
She arrived on Tuesday, and there aren't many things which could drag me away from the new Dan Brown book (which I also got on Tuesday), but she certainly is one of them! I love her so much.
She and Satsuki are obviously sisters. Not identical, but there's enough of a resemblance.
Yesterday I spent the day customising her - nothing major, just boggled, gaze-corrected, 3 pairs of eye chips changed, and while her scalp was off I boil straightened her hair.
Her chips are now more similar to BWT (Satsuki)'s - I kept the stock green ones as they suit her, and changed the others to purple, turquoise and light grey.
Her fringe still needs a bit of attention (I'm rubbish at hair cutting!), but she's pretty much perfect :)


  1. Yay, welcome Kiki! I tried to boil straighten Mias hair, but wasn't too successful, what is your secret, Missus?

  2. Oh I love them both!!! I'm hoping to get the punkaholic one soon. Just got my first one not too long ago and they are so addicting!!! :) Marva