Thursday, 3 September 2009

Friendship Bracelets :)

So I had this idea ages ago (well a few months ago when I first started collecting/obsessing over Blythe) to make friendship bracelets for Blythes. Finally got the first 3 sets made this week.
They were uploaded to my Artfire store - SakuraBlythe and 2 sets (pink and blue) have sold already! Yay!
I'm going to try really hard not to spend the money I make from selling them (and the other things I've got planned to make ) until I have enough for a whole doll :) Wonder how long that will last!
Been really bad spending too much recently - I have my first Dal, Cinnamoroll in the post (funny as I really hated them til recently!), Punkaholic (that was a looonnnggg story! HLJ pre-order cancelled, didn't win one in the lottery, but my lovely friend Rebecca managed to get 2 and has sold one to me!!!! Yay! Not sure how long it'll be til she gets here though, as she hasn't been sent from Japan yet, and has to detour via Germany!), a Tiny Bazaar headband (had been stalking them for sooooo long!), oh and I have another new obsession - re-ment/megahouse gumball machines! They're so cute! I have a re-ment set on the way, and a megahouse complete set of Panda Candy Store sets :) Can't wait for the girls to play with them.
So tired now - all that bracelet making :D

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