Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Blythe Blythe Beautiful Blythe.....

Our ButtonArcade dress came today - it was a commission, so I got exactly what I wanted :D We love it! Deer, owls and apples - what's not to love!? And Hana adores the ickle rubber chicken from Kyle :)
I made this beret with a pattern from Mel linked me to - but knitting isn't really my forte and even though it took me all day yesterday (which is why the lighting is so bad, as I didn't finish it til about 8pm), it came out more like something Bob Marley would have worn....
On Saturday we (that's me, Kiki, Hana and Satori) went to a meet in Birmingham - we saw lots of lovely ladies, and a lot of gorgeous dolls. I was bowled over by Fliss's PAM - Kiki was jealous :D There were a couple of other Punkys there - and everyone was right - Kiki does have exceptional hair. I somehow got very lucky there.
My DB and Angela's custom re-root DB - can't believe how different they look. I'm thinking of at some point in the future getting a 2nd DB to do a full custom on.
OK not a Blythe - an Ixtee Mui-Chan belonging to Jo. She is adorable!
CanCan Cat and PAM - Ruth and my dream dollies..... I need to win the lottery!

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  1. Really fun dolly blog! I commend your efforts at knitting. I can't knit for the life of me! LOL

    Have put a link to you from mine, The Pigwidget Chronicles, at http://pigwidget.blogspot.com/